Beyond Concrete

Fly ash and other coal combustion products and residuals, like bottom ash and FGD gypsum, can be used in wallboard, mortars, stucco, blocks, bricks, shingles, paints, and a variety of other building materials.  They are used to stabilize soils and wastes and can be used as structural fill or road base materials.

    Headwaters has developed several products for road bases, structural fills, industrial fillers and agricultural applications. These include C-Stone™, a quality crushed aggregate manufactured from fly ash and used in road base and feedlot applications; Peanut Maker®, a synthetic gypsum-based product used as an agricultural soil conditioner; Powerlite® , a combination of fly ash and bottom ash for use as a high-quality aggregate in the concrete block industry; and Pozzalime®, a by-product used in road base stabilization and construction applications, and as a chemical fixation and stabilization agent in treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.


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