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In addition to extensive marketing services, Headwaters has the resources, personnel, and technical expertise to provide total long-term management programs as well as specific CCP management services.  Some of the services offered by Headwaters include:

  • Ash pond clean outs
  • Product laboratory testing and analysis
  • Disposal operation
  • Engineering, design, and construction
  • Handling and storage equipment design and construction
  • Landfill design, permitting, construction, operation, closure and post closure
  • Market studies
  • Marketing and utilization
  • Operation and maintenance of FGD fixation facilities
  • Research and development services
  • Sales
  • Site assessments
  • Solid waste management consulting

Research Services

     Material Characterization Studies.  Headwaters Resources offers material characterization services to evaluate a byproduct’s potential for beneficial use.  Characterization involves developing a material sampling plan, sample collection, physical testing, chemical analysis, and interpretation of results.  Some of Headwaters Resources’ Material Testing and Research Facilities’ (MTRF) testing capabilities include microscopy, particle size analysis, carbon content, magnetic content, X-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption, and various wet chemistry analyses, in addition to conventional construction material testing.

     Material Handling/Processing Evaluations.  Headwaters Resources’ evaluations of material handling and processing requirements are conducted based on material characteristics, bench or pilot scale processing, and Headwaters Resources’ experience with similar materials.

     Market Studies.  Headwaters Resources’ market study team evaluates product capabilities, explores market opportunities, and recommends the most environmentally and economically sound approaches to marketing or disposal scenarios.  Headwaters Resources’ experience in design and operations has led to many unique approaches to waste stream minimization by placing an emphasis on reuse and recycling.

Environmental Consulting Services

     Environmental Planning and Environmental Site Assessments.  Headwaters Resources’ team of environmental professionals frequently works with project planners to review proposed projects for environmental considerations early in the planning stage.  Early review of environmental considerations helps to produce a project that minimizes environmental concerns and allows for realistic project scheduling.

     Project Permitting and Compliance Audits.  Headwaters Resources’ permitting experience includes storm water permitting, wetlands permitting, air permitting, stream alteration permitting, solid waste utilization permitting, and all aspects of landfill permitting.  Headwaters Resources also performs facility compliance audits to insure that operations are in accordance with applicable laws and permits.  Operations audited include stabilization plants, material handling facilities, landfills, and various utilization projects.

Engineering and Design Services

Headwaters Resources and our sister company Headwaters Plant Services have extensive experience in the design and construction of clay, PVC, and HDPE liners under various field conditions.  Headwaters can also design and specify leachate collection, pumping, and storage systems.  Our portfolio of civil design services includes construction of structural fills for real estate development, industrial railroad siding, hydrology/hydraulics, and stream diversion and unloading systems designs.  For facility design, Headwaters can provide plans and specifications for the construction of new facilities and for expansion or retrofit of existing ones.  Headwaters can also provide complete design services in the areas of foundations and soil mechanics, concrete structures and retaining walls, structural steel, masonry, and composite construction design.  Our specific design experience covers systems that include dry material silos, pneumatic and dense phase transfer, baghouses, belt and screw conveyors, mixing, pelletization, screening, dewatering equipment, and related instrumentation and control systems.  Headwaters can also provide engineering services for the design, procurement, and installation of bulk powder storage facilities and rail to truck terminals.

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