About Boral Resources

Boral Resources is a leading marketer of fly ash and all coal combustion products. With more than four decades of experience marketing fly ash to the concrete industry, Boral is a pioneer in the development of new construction material technologies. Ready-mix concrete producers and contractors improve their operations with the aid of Boral’s supply reliability, technical expertise, and sales and service support.

Boral also provides coal-fueled power generating plants with complete on-site ash handling and management, environmental services and engineering services. Boral is not only successful in marketing fly ash, but also helps utility plants utilize all of their coal combustion products through innovative marketing and product development.

Research and Development

Boral Resources actively pursues the advancement of coal combustion products (CCPs) through research and development and practical innovation. Boral’s technology and marketing departments coupled with a state-of-the-art laboratory provide a platform that ensures that Boral maintains its position at the forefront of CCP development. Staffed with a multi-disciplinary collection of advanced – degreed engineers, chemists, and material scientists, Boral’s technical departments are appropriately trained and experienced to conduct both long-term, mechanistic R&D projects as well as to provide effective solutions for everyday real-world problems in real time.

Technological developments have led to the filing of six patents by Boral in recent in areas ranging from concrete mix designs, to functional fillers in polymeric systems, to a means for beneficiating fly ash with respect to air entrainment in concrete. Most importantly, many of these technologies have been translated into real commercial activities.

Boral’s technical staff contributes to the utilization of CCPs in a broad sense by filling leadership roles in industry associations and technical specifying agencies such as the American Coal Ash Association, the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Recent developmental activities encompass both fundamental and practical applications including:

  • Class C fly ash hydration mechanisms and cement system compatibility
  • Staining mechanisms of Class C fly ash
  • Fly ash rheology and physical performance in various polymeric systems
  • Chemically activated fly ash performance
  • Activation of bottom ash
  • Fundamental characterization of fly ash carbon
  • Means of passivating fly ash carbon
  • Fly ash beneficiation technologies
  • Air entrainment interactions
  • Ammonia release rates from fly ash
  • High volume fly ash concrete
  • Improved means of quality testing for fly ash
  • Influence of activated carbon on fly ash performance
  • ASR and sulfate resistance of fly ash concrete
  • Performance of ultra fine fly ash in concrete
  • Fly ash concrete mix designs
  • Fly ash/lime mixtures for structural fill

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