Coal Combustion Product Management

Boral’s Utility Services Group assists utilities to minimize CCP disposal and meet environmental requirements cost effectively, while optimizing their marketing revenues. With Boral’s nationwide CCP management and marketing reach, you can improve your CCP utilization and increase your net benefit system-wide. Boral offers a three-step process to optimize your net benefit:

1 – Evaluate Your Needs

We begin with an on-site evaluation of ash management needs and marketing potential, taking into account numerous factors, such as the quality of CCPs, environmental requirements and potential changes, as well as market opportunities for CCPs in various markets applications.

2 – Optimize On-Site Performance

We provide conceptual design for ash handling systems that includes turnkey engineering and installation; startup and performance testing; personnel training; and operation and maintenance. In addition, our field service is a valuable asset for utilities. Boral is able to provide ongoing Quality Assurance and timely feedback on operational concerns such as boiler modifications to meet environmental compliance.

3 – Optimize CCP Utilization and Revenues

We market concrete-grade fly ash and other CCPs through our concrete and construction materials sales organization, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

On-Site Evaluation and Environmental Management

Boral provides on-site evaluation of products and systems, in order to segregate more CCPs into marketable products, and adjust for ever changing environmental regulations. The Boral Technology Development Group conducts ongoing research to address issues affecting CCP management, by applying various CCP beneficiation technologies including, Boral proprietary FACT technology.

Transportation and Logistical Infrastructure

Boral’s extensive infrastructure of rail and truck transportation, storage facilities and knowledgeable people experienced in CCP distribution and marketing mean greater market reach. This allows the shipment of CCPs to more distant markets and sales into a wider range of applications.